Pre K

3 - 5 years old

Building on the platform of the Missouri Early Learning Standards we incorporate a curriculum that’s inspired to make sure each child is ready for kindergarten.  The curriculum begins with a Kindergarten assessment that is designed for the beginning of the year.  This will allow us to gauge where your child is in regards to Kindergarten readiness and will show us what our students need to focus on most.  After this assessment is done we move on to our 9 week curriculum that goes through everything your child will need to be prepared to enter Kindergarten. 

The goals for the curriculum are:

  • Letter and sound recognition
  • Shape and color recognition
  • Counting up to 20
  • Problem solving skills
  • Fine motor skills

We want our students to always have fun with the lessons so we try to mix things up and allow them to get involved and moving with the lessons each day.