Infant and Toddler

Our little ones in our Infant/Toddler program are growing and changing each day! It’s amazing how soon our little ones will be exploring the world and their surroundings. This is why we work diligently with each child to reach their individual potential.

Preschool Age

Each classroom builds their program to achieve age appropriate levels before moving on to the next age group. Our core curriculum is taught from 8:30 – 11:00am. During this time all children will work on their reading & writing skills, shapes, colors, letters (both upper and lower case), as well as, interpersonal and social skill building. Next will come lunch then nap time.

Pre-Kindergarten Age

Our structured Pre-K Program prepares our children for Kindergarten. Rest assured your child will be ready for Kindergarten!

School Age

Come join the fun with our before/after school program! Offering great snacks and fun.  Summer Camp programs available.. Call the center of your choice for further details!